P-4CE is an independent international consulting firm for policy, management and organization of public outdoor space. For over thirty years we are working for different organizations. P-4CE has a long history and experience, it’s the bussines consultancy in mangement of outdoor space

Consulting firm for large companies, municipalities, State Governments, utilities, healthcare institutions and housing companies.

Our team consists of professionals with extensive real world experience in different disciplines. We are fast and can be used effectively. We use practical tools and innovative instruments in our work for you. The combination of specific expertise and extensive experience makes P-4CE the ideal partner. We want to invite you for a cooperation.


The team of P4CE consists of professionals with different disciplines and courses, such as management, design, engineering, business administration, environment and communication. P4-CE staff are knowledgeable and have a lot of practical experience. Thereby we are effective and can be deployed quickly. Read more..


A vital organization is continually changing, but how do you keep grip? Essential to have clear why you change, where that change is leading to and along which roads do you get there. In addition, an active ownership by the organization for support and success. How do you get all employees going to the same direction?  Read more..


By using the GEOSTA stabilization technique one is able to  develop a high performing soil stabilization based on  different kinds of soil types such as; Clay, Sand, Sandy Clay, Peat and other high organic soils. Read more..


Visit our projectspage to view our projects in Dutch harbors and terminals. Read more..